A descriptive video is a short animated video that uniquely tells a story, making it easy to understand and remember. Descriptive videos are useful for products that provide services that are difficult to understand for the average person. Think about descriptive videos like that teacher from high school, who explained anything by using these real-life scenarios made it easy to understand even for the most complicated topics.

Just like that, a descriptive video transforms your business into bit-by-bit clips, which can be easily digested by the target audience. It can make even the most boring services and products, look and feel cool!


why your brand needs a product explainer video?

Animated descriptive videos are the most popular way of marketing as they are extremely fun to watch, which means they are also very sensitive, and your viewer stays in the whole video, processing all the details!

And what does that mean in the end? High conversion rate! Something new and small businesses are struggling with. Now, why are animated descriptive videos so popular? Apart from their high level of involvement, it is also very expensive. Animated explainer videos are less expensive. But they are worth the money because they provide the highest ROI to business and that is what matters in the end.

Let’s see what makes the descriptive video so attractive, and what makes a good explain video?

  1. To choose the best script

A script is where you need to sit down with your team and think about what you want to include in your video. It is often advisable for a company to create a script as a professional writer will not know your company as much as you do! The length of the descriptive video is very important, so you should make sure that your script is no longer working and that it serves the purpose of your video in the shortest possible time!


  1. Length of your video.

As mentioned above, the length of the video is very important! It decides whether the viewer will stay put until the end of the video or not. The conversion rate is usually higher when the customer watches the full video! It is recommended that this video must be kept under the 2-minute mark as it will be viewed until the end by 77 percent of people. The percentage dropped to 57 percent after 2 minutes of expiration!


  1. Know your target audience

One of the most important marketing goals is to target your target audience!! I cannot stress how important this point is! No matter how many times a man is advertised on heels, do you think he will buy it?

Always remember who your target audience is. If your video description fails its mark, then all your extra effort and millions of rupees are going to go down. What a horrifying thought!


  1. Choosing the best Voiceover

It’s okay to imagine watching a movie, but the sound is really bad! It’s all standing still and it’s useless and annoying to even look at it. The whole experience will be ruined!

The same goes for descriptive videos. Voiceover is what guides your viewer throughout the video. If it disturbs or does not work well, your viewer will not be able to focus on what is most important; the message of your explanatory video!


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Making a descriptive video is like baking a cake. Even if one ingredient is not available, it will go down and not look attractive.


How Can explainer Videos Help Your Business?

Now that you know what an explainer video is, you need to know how it helps your business because, in the end, that’s the point of it all. Many businesses struggle with the issue of reaching the right audience. Descriptive video makes your business easier and shares it with the right audience. This not only affects your sales but also is promising for your image and market share.


How are Explainer Videos are Different from Product Videos / Ads?

The product video is mainly focused on capturing the viewer’s attention. That’s why it uses so many promoters and celebrities to promote their content videos. Yes, it appeals to viewers and also makes a ton of engagements, but it is very different from the descriptive video.

The explanatory video identifies and highlights the key points that make complex ideas easy to use. This gives the viewer a better idea of ​​what the company stands for, its capabilities, the type of work, and the products/services offered. While a branded video only glorifies your content that creates awareness of your product but it is lacking when it comes to explaining the core of your business.



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